New HHS Course Catalog

A brand new HHS course catalog has been drafted for the 2021-22 school year. This catalog is accessible from the HHS College and Career website on the Graduation Requirements web page. You may click on the links below to access the specific department course descriptions as well. Classes can vary from year to year especially for agricultural courses. The time slots for the various classes will not be available until a master schedule is finalized, just before registration due to staff changes...

Ag Department Offers Three Certification Pathways

The Homedale High School Ag Department, headed by Ms. Rheuby and Mr. Wetzel have put together three pathways for students which will lead to useful and powerful ag certifications. The three pathways are as follows: Agriculture Mechanics with possible certifications in a Home Builders Association Certificate or a EETC Small Engines Certification. Plant and Soil Science with possible certifications in Advanced Floral Certification or BASF Advanced Plant Certification. Animal Science with certifications in Livestock Repro State Certification in the fall and the ELANCO Vet Science certification in the spring. Student need to review the Ag Pathways document to make sure they are taking all the right courses for these important certifications. Ag Pathways