IDLA Courses

Taking IDLA classes is a great way for HHS/HMS students to enhance and supplement their educational experience. Over fifty dual credit classes are available through IDLA which provide both high school and college credit courses at the same time. Fast Forward funds are available to all Idaho students to pay for the college credits and the high school credit is free! IDLA Dual Credit Course List IDLA classes can be a way for students to meet the two credit technology requirement at HHS. IDLA classes may be taken for elective credit, or foreign language class, or for required classes. Students may register for a maximum of two IDLA classes/semester. The $75.00 fee must be paid before the student can be enrolled in the class. Students may have the $75 fee waived if the class is an overload or 8th period class.

Ms. Johnson is the IDLA coordinator and has a classroom dedicated to IDLA students taking courses. To contact Ms. Johnson email IDLA Spring 2022 Course List

IDLA Summer Courses

HHS students can enroll in IDLA summer courses. Keep in mind that in the summer the time to complete courses is condensed and students will need to be able dedicate a minimum of 8-10 hours to do classwork each week (even during vacation time). Dual Credit courses have a DC designation. For courses which are not dual credit, the cost is $75. Checks are to be made payable to HHS and must be brought to the front office before enrollment will be complete. For financial questions, please call the school office (208) 337- 4613 and ask for Mrs. Sherri Romriell or email Sheri at To get started, please fill out the IDLA Registration Form and email it to Ms. Johnson at

IDLA Summer 2021 Course List IDLA Registration Form